Fishing Charters With Captain Joes

Ever wanted to go charter fishing in Louisiana in the swamp or bayous? Well, WE HAVE! and we did! We went with captain joe and his charter boat and had an awesome time. We caught a bunch of redfish that we were able to take home and cook up over some awesome red beans and rice. We’ve never been to the coast of Louisiana and didn’t really expect much out of it.

Party Boat Fishing in Louisiana

We were in the area and figured, what the heck, let’s go fishing. We came across Captain Joe on Google and booked with him on his website. The entire process was easy and next thing we knew, we were pulling up fish left and right!

We loved Louisiana Fishing

We had an awesome time fishing with Joe and not only caught a ton of fish but learned a ton about fishing too. Joe was super experienced and professional. We look forward to heading out to the Louisiana Bayou with him again!

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